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Social Innovation Canada Investment Readiness Webinar Case Study Recap: Purppl

In case you missed it: SI Canada recently hosted an Investment Readiness Case Study webinar featuring Purppl. It was an informative session exploring how Purppl secured investment to accelerate the impact of social entrepreneurs and their journey to becoming the [...]

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What’s the Verdict: Can Impact Investment Humanize Capitalism?

At Rising Economy 2022, Thrive Impact Fund Board President Kristi Rivait spoke on a panel addressing the massive growth in ESG and impact investing as conscious investors seek ways to create benefits for society and the planet alongside financial returns. [...]

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Transformative 25 Funds: Thrive Impact Fund Feature

In May 2022, Thrive Impact Fund was recognized as a Transformative 25 Fund. This article, originally published by Integrated Capital Investing, explores Thrive Impact Fund's contributions to reimagining financing that works for people and the [...]

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Social Enterprise Conversations: Victoria

At the first Social Enterprise Conversation in Victoria, Thrive Impact Fund convened a candid conversation with Rene Gauthier from ecologyst and Kat Kavanagh from Water Rangers at theDock: Centre for Social Impact about social enterprise leadership, acquisition, and operation.ecologyst and Frankie CollectiveThe [...]

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Social Finance Chats: Financing to Acquire

During Social Finance Chat five, "Financing to Acquire," Kristi Fairholm Mader, Managing Director, and Emeline Le Guen, Impact Investment Manager, outlined options for impact organizations looking to acquire and transition to social enterprise—including community bonds and vendor financing. [...]

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Release: Thrive Impact Fund Expands into Interior Region of BC Thanks to New Partner and Investors

The unique impact investment approach of Thrive Impact Fund has expanded to benefit communities across BC. The Fund invests in social and environmental organizations, projects and entrepreneurs that face barriers to accessing financing. Read the attached media release for more information. [...]

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Social Finance Chats: Overcoming the Fear of Financing

During Social Finance Chat four, “Overcoming the Fear of Financing,” Kristi Fairholm Mader, Managing Director, and Emeline Le Guen, Impact Investment Manager, explored how perceived risk can come from a number of places such as culture, perspectives, or internal fears. [...]

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Social Finance Chats: Developing Your Financial Mix

During the third Social Finance Chat in the webinar series, “Developing Your Financial Mix,” Emeline Le Guen, Impact Investment Manager, explored finding the right financial tools, having clear investment goals, finding mission-aligned investors who can help you leverage your impact, and more. [...]

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