Thrive Impact Fund Invests in:

Social enterprise growth and/or assets acquisition.
There needs to be a revenue stream that our investment will help to grow.

Organizations with at least 1 year of earned revenue.
This income can be from fee for service, contracts, social enterprise income, or revenues from assets.

Thrive Impact Fund Investee Brochure

This brochure provides a summary of information for investees about the Thrive Impact Fund loan offerings.

Investment Themes

Early Revenue

Business Expansion

Asset Acquisition

Business Acquisition

Social Purpose Real Estate

Thrive Impact Fund is part of a growing ecosystem of supports that Scale Collaborative, Purppl and partners provide. From hands-on coaching to capacity-building programs, Thrive Impact Fund is an impact investment fund which combines flexible financing alongside support to help investees succeed.

The Process:



Up to 3 years

Flexible grace period, up to 1 year


Investments from $15K to 100K

Up to 6 years

Flexible collateral requirements

Tailored interest-only periods

Up to 7 years

Flexible terms depending on revenue trajectory

Pay as you grow model

Investments from $100K to 700K


Thrive Impact Fund is an impact investment fund which invests in impact organizations based in British Columbia. They can be non-profit or for-profit social enterprises.

Thrive Impact Fund will finance organizations with at least a one-year track record of proven earned revenue. Existing revenue streams are necessary to ensure the repayment of Thrive Impact Fund’s loans. Grants are better suited to support your start-up phase.

We believe in financing entire projects, and we know that organizations need capital to purchase assets and equipment as well as day-to-day operations. With that perspective, Thrive Impact Fund’s financing includes working capital to cover your expert service costs, staff expenses, inventory, etc. Expenses like these are eligible for financing.

Thrive Impact Fund is an impact investment fund which provides debt instruments to investees in the form of term loans, interest-only loans, and revenue-based financing. These financial tools are tailored to the organization’s projected growth profile and repayment capacity, focusing on shared success.

Early Revenue Loans are meant to help impact organizations start their revenue diversification journey. These loans are very straightforward, affordable, and unsecured, minimizing pressure on the investee to give the project the best chances of success.

Flexible Term Loans and Revenue-Based Financing are made for larger and more complex projects by mature organizations. These loans are flexible and designed to adapt to multiple growth trajectories, offering various repayment options with risk adjusted pricing.

Many solid projects face the inability to provide collateral and guarantees to unlock financing. Thrive Impact Fund is a risk-tolerant partner and if you qualify for our unsecured loans, you will not be asked to offer collateral (ie. asset, real estate) or any personal guarantees. At Thrive Impact Fund, we believe that the repayment capacity of an investee relies firstly on matching the right financial tool to each project and provide hands-on support to the organization towards success.

The application fee is $250 for Early Revenue Loans. For Growth & Acquisition loans, Thrive Impact Fund has a 2 step process involving a $250 fee for the preliminary analysis and an additional $750 fee for the secondary step.


Thrive Impact Fund knows that just money is not enough. Amazing enterprises succeed with the support of the community and mentors. As an impact investment fund, Thrive Impact Fund brings together the power of capacity, community, and expertise to help investees succeed. Here’s what to expect:


Thrive Impact Fund investees enter a community of impact organizations and entrepreneurs. For the first year of investment, investees join the peer community on a monthly basis, to share lessons learned, build connections, and learn from experts on areas of business development and growth. This peer community is nurtured and accessible for the entire duration of the investment relationship.

Expert Support

Thrive Impact Fund is an hands-on investor and provides expert support and coaching to investees alongside financing, to help them realize unique opportunities and/or mitigate unforeseen challenges. As part of active management practices, investees will have regular check-ins with Thrive Impact Fund staff to connect them to the appropriate mentor or coach, depending on the need.

Thrive Impact Fund is a
subsidiary of Scale Collaborative and Purppl

300-722 Cormorant Street,
Victoria BC, V8W 1P8

We respectfully acknowledge that the offices of the Thrive Impact Fund are located on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən-speaking peoples, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples.