What is Thrive Impact Fund?

Thrive Impact Fund is a place-based fund that sees untapped potential in local communities and a desire for investors to see their money make both financial and impact returns.
Since 2014, Scale Collaborative has been building capacity in impact organizations through coaching and consulting, and programs such as Thriving Non-Profits, Business Legacies Initiative, and seCatalyst. As experienced social enterprise leaders, we understand the financial challenges faced by social enterprises looking to grow. Thrive Impact Fund was developed to address this challenge and realize investment opportunities that are currently overlooked and under-capitalized. Thrive Impact Fund launched in June 2021.
Purppl works with leaders to build the capability and capacity to implement sustainable business models and sustainable impact models through education, acceleration, and investing in people who build sustainable, long-term solutions to community, social, and environmental challenges. Purppl joined as a fund owner in January 2022.
Thrive Impact Fund focuses on providing flexible and patient loans, providing the right capital at the right time to help social enterprises grow.
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A social enterprise seeks to have a positive social, cultural or environmental impact through its operations, and/or the sale of their products and services. Social enterprises and impact organizations can take many different legal structures, including for-profit social enterprises, non-profits, charities, and cooperatives.

Who is Thrive Impact Fund?

As a partnership between Scale Collaborative and Purppl, Thrive Impact Fund has access to extensive expertise in social enterprise development and backbone organizational support. Here is the team leading the development and operations of the Fund:
Kristi Rivait
Board President

Kristi Rivait is a social entrepreneur who brings 15+ years of executive-level experience, with a proven track record of successfully raising capital.

Kristi Fairholm Mader | Thrive Impact Fund
Kristi Fairholm Mader
Board Member,
Managing Director

Kristi Fairholm Mader brings 20 years of executive leadership in the non-profit and social enterprise sector with a track record of growth and scaling successful models.

Andrew Greer
Board Member,
Interior Lead

Andrew Greer brings 15 years of experience in social enterprise, early-stage venture, and business development. He is a collaborator and brings community projects to fruition.

Lee Herrin | Thrive Impact Fund
Lee Herrin
Board Member,
Administrative Lead

For over 20 years, Lee has worked in management and leadership roles in both the public sector and with non-profits. He is always focused on identifying opportunities for growth and greater impact.

Morgan Brannon | Thrive Impact Fund
Morgan Brannon
Portfolio Relations & Impact Measurement

Morgan’s experience at the United Nations and World Bank tied with her private sector and non-profit pursuits laid the foundation of her approach to sharing objective, optimistic guidance to initiate growth in others. Helping people see new options and new potentials while inspiring aligned action is how she really moves organizations forward.

Jamil Bhimji
Financial Analyst &
Impact Coordinator

Jamil recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce and has experience working in public accounting, starting a student-led investment fund, and working with a Victoria-based sustainable start-up. At the Fund he focuses on two main areas: research analysis and financial analysis.

What makes us unique?

Place Based*

We live in British Columbia and love this place. We see that the challenges our communities face are unique, and Thrive Impact Fund provides an opportunity for investors to make a difference across our province.

Impact First

Impact first means financial returns do not come at the expense of positive impacts and the overall goal and mission of the investee. In our increasingly stressed world, impact first investments are demonstrating better and more resilient financial returns. For Thrive Impact Fund, impact first is not just a desire to support positive change in the world, it is also a good investment policy.

Women Led

Less than 2% of funds under management are directed by women. 80% of impact organizations are led by women. Thrive Impact Fund invests in projects that bring change to communities and is part of changing how funds and investments are directed.

Flexible Financing

Revenue-based financing is one financial tool Thrive Impact Fund uses to provide capital to investees that shares the success with investors as they grow, through a share of earned revenues. It is not traditional debt nor equity, and it fills an important gap for social enterprises.


Thrive Impact Fund is designed to exist in perpetuity. Funds invested are loaned out, and upon repayment, are circulated out again, and again, and again. A dollar invested in the Fund may be reinvested up to 3 times during the initial term period. An evergreen approach means that Thrive Impact Fund will be sustainable well into the future.


The world needs solutions that put people and the environment first. Future growth requires regenerative solutions—solutions and enterprises that add to our planet and communities. Regenerative means we ask difficult questions such as ‘who benefits,’ ‘where do profits go,’ and ‘what impact is our money having on the world,’ and look for investments that provide answers focused on people, planet, and communities.

*We respectfully acknowledge that the offices of the Thrive Impact Fund are located on the unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən-speaking peoples. We recognize the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples who have historical relationships with the land that continue to this day. 

What We Invest In

Thrive Impact Fund loans are flexible, patient, and take a different approach to loan repayment guarantees other than restrictive collateral requirements. We aim to remove barriers to capital for non-profits, charities, and enterprises operated by people who traditionally are overlooked by conventional lenders.

Thrive Impact Fund is a
subsidiary of Scale Collaborative and Purppl

300-722 Cormorant Street,
Victoria BC, V8W 1P8

We respectfully acknowledge that the offices of the Thrive Impact Fund are located on the unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən-speaking peoples. We recognize the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples who have historical relationships with the land that continue to this day.