What are the Social Finance Fundamentals? Social finance leverages capital to achieve social, cultural, and environmental goals along with financial returns. It’s a way for social enterprises and impact organizations to add flexible capital where other funders may be unwilling to fund.

Our partners at purppl have created the downloadable resource, Social Finance Fundamentals, which is designed to help purpose-driven businesses and not-for-profits understand how to leverage capital for social, cultural, and environmental impact alongside financial gains.

Social Finance Fundamentals

From donations to venture capital, this guide covers the capital continuum, a range of financial instruments. Whether social returns or financial returns, each offers different benefits depending on an organization’s incorporation structure (e.g. non-profit, co-op, incorporated), growth stage and goals. They’ve also included a small (not comprehensive) list of Canadian social finance intermediaries and impact funds.

Capital Continuum For Social Impacttext on white background with arrows

The social finance market is rapidly growing, with investments reaching new heights. It’s time for community-focused organizations to harness these opportunities for meaningful impact.

Download your copy of Social Finance Fundamentals here: Social Finance Fundamentals