Thrive Impact Fund launched on Vancouver Island in September 2021 and is now announcing the first investments into social impact organizations in the region including Majik Media, Water Rangers, and Nyoka Design Labs. Read the attached media release for more information.

“I’m grateful for how supported we feel by the Thrive Impact Fund team and how excited they are about our work. We also appreciate the revenue-based model — which was one of our biggest attractors to working with Thrive Impact Fund — it is a fair and game-changing way for start-ups like us to get in the game with the money we need to grow. It really feels like we’re pulling our dream team together here to make Majik with!”
Bradley T. Morris, Founder, Creative Director and Executive Producer, Majik Media and Majik Kids

Receiving such financing is critical to an enterprise like Water Rangers, explains founder Kat Kavanagh. “We sell physical products as part of our mission and that means buying quite a bit of inventory. This working capital is so integral to keep our cashflow healthy as we grow!”
Kat Kavanagh, Founder and Executive Director, Water Rangers

“Financing is what pushes a company towards success. Thrive Impact Fund supports impact-focused companies like Nyoka Design Labs to access the type of financing that is often only available to later-stage companies. Having a diverse financing strategy is already helping accelerate our impact, boost our revenue, and helps me sleep at night. Thank you so much to the Thrive Impact Fund team for supporting our success!”
Paige Whitehead, Founder and CEO, Nyoka Design Labs

“It’s been so great to see Thrive Impact Fund grow and to be able to support these 3 amazing entrepreneurs! We are very excited with the months to come, as we strengthen partnerships in the ecosystem and build the Thrive Impact Fund community. I look forward to meeting more non-profit and social enterprise leaders, learning about their growth projects and exploring how Thrive Impact Fund can help them scale up their impact.”
Emeline Le Guen, Impact Investment Manager, Thrive Impact Fund

Featured image courtesy of Nyoka Design Labs.